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      Immunizing Peptide (Blocking) for ab24504.

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  • Applications

    Blocking - Blocking peptide for Anti-CD44 antibody (ab24504)

  • Purity
    > 90 % SDS-PAGE.

  • Form
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Preparation and Storage

  • Stability and Storage

    Shipped at 4°C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.

    Preservative: 0.02% Thimerosal (merthiolate)
    Constituents: 0.1% BSA, PBS, pH 7.2

General Info

  • Alternative names
    • LHR
    • BA-1
    • CD 44
    • CD44
    • CD44 antigen
    • CD44 molecule
    • CD44 molecule (Indian blood group)
    • CD44_HUMAN
    • CDw44
    • Cell surface glycoprotein CD44
    • chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 8
    • CSPG8
    • ECMR-III
    • Epican
    • Extracellular matrix receptor III
    • GP90 lymphocyte homing/adhesion receptor
    • HCELL
    • hematopoietic cell E- and L-selectin ligand
    • Heparan sulfate proteoglycan
    • Hermes antigen
    • homing function and Indian blood group system
    • HSA
    • HUTCH-I
    • HUTCH1
    • Hyaluronate receptor
    • IN
    • INLU-related p80 Glycoprotein
    • MC56
    • MDU2
    • MDU3
    • MGC10468
    • MIC4
    • MUTCH1
    • PGP-1
    • PGP-I
    • PGP1
    • Phagocytic glycoprotein 1
    • Phagocytic glycoprotein I
    • Soluble CD44
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  • Function
    Receptor for hyaluronic acid (HA). Mediates cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions through its affinity for HA, and possibly also through its affinity for other ligands such as osteopontin, collagens, and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Adhesion with HA plays an important role in cell migration, tumor growth and progression. Also involved in lymphocyte activation, recirculation and homing, and in hematopoiesis. Altered expression or dysfunction causes numerous pathogenic phenotypes. Great protein heterogeneity due to numerous alternative splicing and post-translational modification events.
  • Tissue specificity
    Isoform 10 (epithelial isoform) is expressed by cells of epithelium and highly expressed by carcinomas. Expression is repressed in neuroblastoma cells.
  • Sequence similarities
    Contains 1 Link domain.
  • Domain
    The lectin-like LINK domain is responsible for hyaluronan binding.
  • Post-translational
    Proteolytically cleaved in the extracellular matrix by specific proteinases (possibly MMPs) in several cell lines and tumors.
    O-glycosylated; contains more-or-less-sulfated chondroitin sulfate glycans, whose number may affect the accessibility of specific proteinases to their cleavage site(s).
    Phosphorylated; activation of PKC results in the dephosphorylation of Ser-706 (constitutive phosphorylation site), and the phosphorylation of Ser-672.
  • Cellular localization
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ab52122 has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.

Customer reviews and Q&As

Thank you for contacting Abcam regarding ab52122.

While the specific sequence is proprietary, I can tell you that the peptide is a short sequence surrounding amino acid 39 of the human protein.

I hope this information is hel...

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Thank you for your enquiry.
CD44 protein has a lectin-like LINK domain (41, 78, 79, 105) which is responsible for hyaluronan binding. However, we have no information if these two product (ab52122 and ab41477) bind to hyaluronic acid, no data avail...

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Thank you for your enquiry. I have contacted the originator of the product but unfortunately, the peptide sequence information is proprietary and can not be released. However, they did confirm that the peptide contains 17 amino acids. Please rest as...

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Thank you for your enquiry. This product contains 18 amino acids (detail sequence is proprietary). The mol. Wt is 2011Da. I am afraid that this is all information we can provide. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


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