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Good morning!

I am writing from Univerisity of Kentucky,

I would like to buy EpCAM peptide from extracellular domain for one project, i noticed that from your website there two kinds of human resourced EpCAM Peptide.ab71915 and ab71914. May i ask which one is the peptide for extracellular domain? Does it contain any transcellular domain?


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Thank you for your inquiry.

These two peptide are only 20 amino acids long each. They are not comprised of the whole protein or even parts of the protein.

They are short peptides used fro immunization in antibody production and are only suitable for blocking experiments if the corresponding antibodies are used. These blocking experiments are usually performed to check the specificity of the antibody that was raised against the peptide.

I therefore suspect that they will not be suitable for your experiments.

I am sorry that I do not have a more positive answer for you on this occasion and hope this information will nevertheless be helpful.

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