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In regard to, CD95 Human ELISA Kit (ab100513)

Lot: GR101235-1

Please, I want to ask if you can send to me the optical density (OD) for each standard after serial dilution and standard curve of these readings and its equation;

stock solution (S1) of 2000 pg/ml= OD ?

S2 (666.7 pg/ml)= OD?

S3 (222.2 pg/ml)=OD?

S4 (74.07 pg/ml)=OD?

S5 (24.69 pg/ml)=OD?

S6 (8.23 pg/ml)=OD?

S7 (2.74 pg/ml)=OD?

S8 (0 pg/ml)=OD?

My samples are serum and saliva; I want to know your opinion and advice about sample dilution.

If you recommend the dilution, what should I use for saliva samples Assay Diluent A (Item D) or Assay Diluent B (Item E).

I want to know the expired date of this kit.

Thank you


Thank you for your enquiry.

Regarding the standard curve for ab100513 Fas Human ELISA Kit , I can confirm that the readings would be individual based on each individual experiment. A standard curve would need to be run each time.

There are some example standard curves available on the online datasheet and also in the protocols booklet (link at the bottom of the datasheet: (or use the following:

We recommend a 2 - 5 fold dilution for normal human serum/plasma samples for use with this Human Fas ELISA kit.

For saliva samples we would recommend a minimal dilution, as cytokine concentrations are typically much less in this sample type. Thus, a 1 - 2 fold dilution of saliva samples would be a good starting point. As always, levels of the target protein may vary between different specimens, so, optimal dilution factors for each sample must be determined by the investigator.

We recommend using Assay Diluent B for saliva samples. Assay Diluent B should be used for any sample type other than serum/plasma.

I hope this will be helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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