Question (26563) | Human hCG ELISA Kit (ab100533)

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1. Can we purchase the above kit in Lisbon or must we order directly from you?           2. Regarding sensitivity is mentioned that is < 50 pg/mL. While checking the  Protocol Booklet I realised that   the standard range vary from 54.87 pg/mL - 40000 pg/mL, being my first reading 0 (assay diluent). As I will get samples at lower range can I perform a sandard curve with lower concentrations?        3. Concerning the units, is mentioned that the results are in pg/mL. As we are an accredited laboratory I must report my results in mIU/mL for hCG. Is there any way to find out the converging rate from pg/mL to mIU/mL?       4. I also would like to reconfirm that kit ab100533 detects only "INTACT HCG" and can be used to detect HCG in urine. In these secific case must the sample be centrifuged prior to analisis?    


1. You can purchase this kit directly from us, Abcam is based in Cambridge, England and this will ship directly from that office to you. 2. You do not have to use the same standard dilution scheme in the manual if you do not want.  However, the sensitivity is constant so any concentration measured below 50pg/ml should be viewed skeptically as it may not be real but just background noise. 3. As you may know, IU's measure the biological activity, not mass or weight so in many cases conversion is not possible. However, for some substances the equivalent mass of one IU is later established, and the IU is then officially abandoned for that substance. In this case, based on the spec sheet for the standard used in this ELISA kit, it has an activity of 14,100 U/mg so with this information you should be able to convert pg/ml to mIU/ml. 4. This kit does detect only the intact HCG.

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