Question (76065) | Human Histone H3 (mono methyl K9) peptide (ab1771)

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I have ordered your mono-, di-, and tri-methyl H3K9 peptides (catalog) ab1771, ab1772 and ab1773, but I cant find sequence information on the website in terms of where the sequence starts and ends and how long they are.

I need to order a control unmodified H3 peptide that matches these three modified peptides. I found several H3 peptides on your website. I would like to know which one to order so I get the peptide that starts and ends in the same positions as these modified peptides.


I would recommend using ab2903, a 14 aa peptide, as the corresponding unmodified peptide. It has 3 additional amino acids at the amino terminus of the peptide that are not included ab1771 and 2 additional amiino acids at the N-term as compared to ab1772 and ab1773.

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