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Review text: I used this product to do a dot blot specificity test for cross reactivity of modified histone antibodies and everything worked great. I made two dilutions of the peptide and spotted it on a nitrocellulose membrane using a Bio-Dot apparatus. Once the peptides were bound to the membrane I incubated with the appropriate primary and secondary antibodies at an assay dependent concentration and developed using ECL.

No primary antibody directed towards H3S10phos was used in this dot blot assay. This peptide was chosen to ensure there was no cross reactivity between the antibodies we are using on a regular basis. We have yet to see any cross reactivity with this peptide using 12+ antibodies directed towards histone H3 modified antibodies (some from Abcam some not).
Sample: Human Purified protein

Primary antibody (in addition to 'Histone H3 peptide - phospho S10')
Primary antibody: None used

Secondary antibody
Secondary antibody: None used

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Submitted Nov 01 2010

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