Question (36289) | Human Histone H3 (tri methyl K4) peptide (ab1342)

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Do you have any full size of H3K4 mono-, di- and tri methylated histone 3 which I can load on the gel as positive control.


>The molecular weights of the different methylation states be extrememly difficult to distinguish as that type of modification creates a 14Dalton mass change.Currently, we do not offer full length methylated H3K4 proteins. We do have anEpiSeeker Histone Extraction Kit (ab113476) whichprovides a simple and selective method for extracting histone proteins in just 1 hour. When used in conjunction with our peptides you can be confident that the band you are seeing is indeed specific to the mono- di- or tri- methylayed H3K4 protein.

More information about ourEpiSeeker Histone Extraction Kit (ab113476) is available here:

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