Question (6554) | Human Histone H3 (tri methyl K4) peptide (ab1342)

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You mention on your web site that your blocking peptides can be coupled to beads via their C-terminal Cys residu. Can you send me more info about that (what kind of beads, by what principle etc.)


The mechanism for coupling the peptides to beads via their terminal cys residue is based on a maleimide reaction scheme. The maleimide group of crosslinkers such as sulfo SMCC (PIERCE) or iodoacetyl moieties on an immobilisation matrix such as Sulfolink (PIERCE) form a thioether bond with the free sulfhydyls in the cysteine residues of the peptides. The peptide can thus be immobilised on solid supports in this fashion and used for numerous applications.

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