Question (45824) | Human Histone H4 peptide (ab4559)

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One customer raised an inquiry about the Histone H4 protein/ peptide. The protein length of ab4559 and ab112431 is 102 and 103 amino acids respectively. But the protein description of ab4559 shows: Synthetic peptide derived from within residues 50 to the C-terminus of Human Histone H4. Does this mean ab4559 only lack one amino acid compared with ab112431?


ab112431is the full length protein of 103 amino acids, whereas ab4559 is only a peptide. A peptide is defined as a short polymer of less than 50 amino acids. The sequence of ab4559can be foundfrom position 50 AA onward, but that doesn't mean that the peptide starts at position 50 AA. The peptide itself is 10 AA long.

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