Question (35933) | Anti-Human IgG antibody [clone CH1] (ab7500)

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Dear Sir/ Madam, Sorry to disturb you. Our customer advances an enquiry about ab98981(Human IgG protein) and ab7500 (Anti-Human IgG antibody [CH1]). She has purchases this two items and would like to know the Kd (Dissociation constant) between antigen (ab98981) and antibody (ab7500). Would you please help us provide the information? Thank you very much. Best regards,


Thank you and your customer for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, the Kd (Dissociation constant) of ab7500 was not experimentally tested and we cannot provide any data for this.

But I can confirm that ab7500 is guaranteed for peptide ELISA with human samples by our Abpromise guarantee.

I am sorry I could not provide more data on this occasion and hope this information will nevertheless be helpful for your customer.

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