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I have a few questions regarding the following kits:
Ab48478 - IL6 Human Elipair Kit (Reagents for 5 x 96 Well Plates), 5x 96 testsAb47351 - Human IL1 beta Elipair Kit (Reagents for 5 x 96 Well Plates), 1kit

1. Are the ELISA plates supplied with the kits?
2. If yes, do the ELISA plates contain removable strips?
3. If no, do you have specifications for the plates we should use?
4. Do you have working protocols for these kits?


Thank you for contacting us.

1) Our Elipair kits only contain the reagents needed to perform the assay, i.e. they include both the capture and the detection antibodies as well as Horse-Radish peroxidase conjugated Streptavidin (HRP-Strep) and TMB which are the reagents used in the colour development step. Unfortunately, ELISA plates are not supplied.

2) n/a. If you require kits including plates I may recommend ab108865 and ab108867, respectively.

Click here (or use the following:
Click here (or use the following:

3) We can recommend any polystyrene 1x96 well or 12x8 well plate suitable for ELISA.

4) Please find attached the protocols for ab48478 and ab47351. The suggested procedures may need some optimization depending on the plastic, matrix, standard range.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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