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Sorry for this late reply but we would be interested to test the MMP-3 kit (ab100607) in serum samples of monkeys and get our 100 % discount since this kit has only be validated for human samples.

In addition, we are also interested to measure the IL23 cytokine(ab64708) in serum samples of monkeys. This kit is also only validated for human samples. The range of this kit is 156.2 pg/ml - 5000 pg/ml but the sensitivity is less than 20 pg/ml. So samples can be analyzed up to 20 pg/ml. Do you think it would be possible to get a discount for this kit as well?

How many sample volume do we need for the MMP-3 kit and for the IL-23 kit? We only have 300ul -400ul of serum sample available.


Thank you for your interest in the MMP-3 and IL23 kits.

The volume of sample required for each test is 100ul per well of the assay plate.

Regarding the 100% discount, I want to be sure you understand the offer, which is also described at the following link:

The discount is not applied to the purchase of the kits. The kits are purchased full-price after we issue you a code. After you test the kits on the monkey serum, you then send Abcam a review of your results (with the code ID in the review), via our Abreview form. ( Please see

After we receive your reviews, the code is then "active" and can be redeemed for a free kit. Or, it can be used to receive a 20% discount on a primary antibody or a protein.

In addition, 440 points will be awarded for the first review published for ELISA products. Please see for more details.

These offers are available through June.

Please let me know if you are still interested, and I will send you the codes, which are necessary before you place your order.

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