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Thepreparationof control IL-6 HS and standard IL-6 HS are:
i have added 1 ml of standarddilutenthuman serum into the control IL-6HS, and for standard IL-6HS i didre suspendedit in 1.38 ml of standard diluent human serum. thank you for your support.


Thank you for confirming those details.

I have noticed that the results that you provided me with, there is a difference between the positive and negative samples by eye. How has your spectrophotometer been set up to measure this? At what wavelength have you been reading?

How long did you leave the colour to develop with the TMB substrate?

Also, I am not sure of the dilutions you describe. What was the control IL-6HS and standard IL-6HS?

You were provided with a vial of control, was this reconstituted in 1 mL of human serum diluent, then diluted further?

I am sorry for all the questions but I am trying to isolate which step may be contributing to these problems. I am also waiting on some further feedback from the lab and hopefully they will have some further suggestions to make.

I am sorry for the delay and the inconvenience this may be causing you.

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