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What is the difference between the Interleukin 6 High Sensitivity Human ELISA kit and the Interleukin 6 Human ELISA kit. When ordering for the 2 products, do I have to pay seperately for shipping charges?


Thank you for your inquiry.
Do you have the catalogue numbers of the kits you're inquiring about? We have 7 different IL6 Human ELISA kits in the catalogue: ab46044, ab46042, ab46027, ab46041, ab100572, ab100573 and ab108867.
The IL6 High Sensitivity kits (ab46044 and ab46042) are the same, just one is 1 x 96 tests and one is 2 x 96 tests. These are high sensitivity at < 0.8 pg/ml and is in sandwich format and works with cell culture supernatant, Serum, and Plasma.
The ab46027 works with Cell culture supernatant, Serum, and Plasma as well in a sandwich format, but the sensitivity is < 2 pg/ml, but greater recovery.
The ab100572 has a broader range 1.37 pg/ml - 1000 pg/ml but < 3 pg/ml sensitivity. This works in Cell culture supernatant, Serum, and Plasma as well.
The ab100573 is the same as ab100572, except that ab100573 is recommended for cell culture extracts and tissue extracts.
The ab1008867 works with works with Cell culture supernatant, Serum, and Plasma as well in a sandwich format but is the least sensitive (8 pg/ml).
If you purchase multiple kits, you will only pay 1 shipping charge. If an item on your order is out of stock, your order will be on hold until it is ready to ship. However, you can choose to "split" your order to receive the in-stock item the next day, and the out of stock item when it comes in, but you would have to pay for both shipping charges in that case.
I hope this information helps. Please contact us with any other questions.

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