Question (59616) | Human KDM6A / UTX peptide (ab36937)

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Are the JMJD3 (ab38111) and UTX (ab36937) peptides full-length or 100
amino acids in length. The product insert reads that the proteins are
full-length but fragments were used as immunogen. Please clarify. See
attached data sheets. Thanks!


Thank you for your inquiry.

I apologize for the confusion. The peptides you purchased are in fact short sequences within the ranges listed on the datasheet. The "protein length" section just comes from SwissProt and is a reference for how long the full length protein actually is.

For ab36937, the peptide is 14 a.a. long.

For ab38111, the peptide is 18 a.a. long.

I hope this information helps. Please contact us with any other questions.

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