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I need a kit that can detect other species of Leishmania like amazonensis, braziliensis, panamensis, guyanensis, major-like, and naiffi. So, I want to know if you have a kit with this characteristics because my study does no include Leishmania infantum.


This product has been tested with L.infantum in human serum or plasma collected with citrate. Other Leishmania species hasn’t been tested so we are unsure how well this kit will perform. In case you are interested in buying and trying this product then I would encourage you to participate in our 100% Abtrial discount programme - a free product can be claimed in your next order in exchange of review for this product. Please contact me with the order number for Abtrial code once the purchase is completed.

More details about the offer can be found at the following link;

This Abtrial offer was created to give scientists the opportunity to try products in an untested species or application, without the financial risk of failure.

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