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I want to study the expression pattern of Differentiation markers like(ab82259, ab5392, ab9018, ab18258 and ab4648) in both Human neuroblastoma cell line (ICC) and Rat Brain section-Frozen (IHC-Fr) not fixed with any fixative.
Regarding this experiments, I need your help. mentioned below.
I want to know that, above mentioned antibodies are suitable for both Human and rat Experiments or not.
need your suggestion regarding suitable secondary antibody for the above primary antibodies(It is good for me, if its is conjugated with HRP insted of Fluorochrome).
I need standard protocols for ICC and IHC-Fr for the above mentioned antibodies.
If you are providing Kit for the above mentioned antibodies, please let me know. That is also good for me.
I need one more clarification that is the difference between IHC-Fr and IHC-FoFr.
I am expecting your kind reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.


The antibodies mentioned above are suitable for Rat as well as human samples. ab9018 is yet to be tested in IHC-Fr however as it is tested in IHC-FoFr so it is more likely to work.

The suitable secondary's are for ab4648, ab82259 and ab9018 are

for ab18258 it is

for ab5392 it is;

The protocols are:

IHC-Fr is immunohistochemistry on frozen section

IHC-FoFr is PFA perfusion fixed frozen sections.

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