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Thank you very much for your fast response, however I have another question:
Is it alwaysnecessaryto use a secondaryantibody, I mean can I do it with primary antibody alone
and if not, what is the best recommended secondary antibody, because I saw related secondary antibody for electron microscopy application in the product page, and I am using IHC-Pr
I am asking so for my personal preference to use primary antibody alone in IHC staining without secondary antibody and I hope that would be possible,
thank you very much indeed


Thank you for your reply.

In theory it is possible to perform IHC-P with a directly conjugated antibody. This will also mean that the amplification that is achieve by adding the secondary is lost.

So my advise would be to only do it for abundant antigens.

ab7747 is not conjugated to HRP and therefore will need a secondary antibody that is conjugated.

I can recommend to use one of these:

ab98485 (or use the following:

ab97085 (or use the following:

We also offer EasyLink kits that can be used to conjugate this antibody directly to HRP (ab102892). (or use the following:

It would not be 100% optimal in this case since the antibody is only purified as IgG fraction.

I hope this information is helpful and wish you a good weekend.

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