Question (7372) | Anti-IL-8 antibody (ab7747)

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Follow up to previous correspondance: Unfortunately I do not have the batch number for this antibody as it was aliquoted immediately upon receipt and stored at -20 degrees. It was ordered in January 2004. It has been used by 2 users and we both observe only a band a approx 40kDa. We have seen this band along with a band at 8kDa on IL-8 westerns before. I have tried my Westerns three times, using different samples (including samples that gave an IL-8 band using ab7747 recieved in the autumn 2003) and detection reagents. Even after several hours exposure to x-ray film following ECL+ detection, I still could not detect a band at approx 8kDa.


The originator of ab7747 has suggested trying recombinant IL-8 to test your system or using activated macrophages. Since you don't have the original vial, do you have the Abcam order number or the purchase order number? Do you happen to know the lot number of the previous batch that you received which worked for you?

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