Question (20664) | Anti-Importin 9/RANBP9 antibody [EP1353Y] (ab52605)

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The data sheet for this RanBPM antibody shows a western blot indicating that this antibody recognizes a 115 Kda protein. RanBPM is 90 Kda. Could you explain the reason for this discrepancy? Also, could tell me what is the total amount and type of extract used to detect RanBPM with this antibody on this western blot.


I can confirm that ab52605 is against RanBP9 not RanBPM, my apologies for the fact that RanBPM was added as an alternative name on the datasheet, this has been corrected immediately. The detected band's molecular weight matches the predicted MW detailed in the following database: The protocol attached to the datasheet includes the extraction procedure, and I can confirm that 10 µg of fetal brain lysate was loaded (this tissue is purchased commercially and therefore we do not know the exact age I'm afraid). I hope this information will be useful.

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