Glucagon and Related Receptors




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Exendin-4 (Exenatide) 

Potent GLP-1 receptor agonist

Purity: > 95%


Exendin (9-39) amide 

Potent, selective GLP-1 receptor antagonist

Purity: > 98%

Specific publication references

Glucagon (19-29) (human) 

C-terminal fragment of Glucagon. Potent Ca2+/Mg2+-ATPase inhibitor.

Purity: > 95%


Glucagon (human) 

Endogenous peptide hormone and potent glucagon receptor agonist

Purity: > 98%


Glucagon-Like Peptide II (human) 

Endogenous peptide hormone and GLP-2 receptor agonist

Purity: > 95%


Glucagon-Like Peptide II (rat) 

Cytoprotective, stimulates cell proliferation in GI tract

Purity: > 95%

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