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If you have any questions which aren't dealt with on this page, send an email to abpoints@abcam.com.

Abpoints FAQ:
- How to join the Abpoints Scheme
- What are Abpoints? How can I earn and exchange them for rewards?
- How to find out your balance

How to join the Abpoints Scheme

You don't need to 'Join' the scheme. Once you've got an Abcam account (it's the one you sign in with when you order) you can start to earn and exchange Abpoints.

To make sure that Abpoints are correctly attributed to you, always check that the Your account box on the left has your name in it. If it hasn't, log the other person out then log yourself in.

What are Abpoints? How can I earn and exchange them for rewards?

When you perform certain actions on the site, for example, write an Abreview for an antibody, you could earn Abpoints.

Here are some examples of things you can do to earn Abpoints which may be available to you:




Fast Track Abreview bonus


Be the 1st researcher to submit conclusive positive or negative data via an Abreview about one of our Fast Track antibodies and earn this bonus (in addition to the Abpoints that you will earn for submitting your Abreview). 



The number of Abpoints depends on what is set for a particular promotion 

Submit an Abreview

up to 120

Each unique combination of antibody, application and sample species that you review, earns you Abpoints. E.g. if you use one of our antibodies in WB on human and mouse samples and submit an Abreview both these combinations, then you will receive Abpoints for each one. 

Submit an image with your Abreview


When you submit an image to accompany your Abreview and it is published, you will receive 100 extra Abpoints. For Abreview and image publication criteria, please see the Abreviews section of the website. 

How to exchange Abpoints for rewards

Only validated Abpoints can be used for getting rewards. Examples of validated Abpoints:
- the Abpoints earned for submitting an Abreview are validated when it is published.

When you have accumulated some Abpoints, here's what you have to do to get a reward:

  1. Choose a reward

    You can do this from the list of Available rewards on the Your Summary page (which shows only rewards you have enough Abpoints for) , or from the Available rewards page which shows all rewards.

    Against each reward on these lists, if you have enough Abpoints, there will be a link: "Get reward" to click on. You will be taken to the "Get a reward" page.

  2. Enter or choose an address (this depends on the reward)

    If you have chosen a reward which must be posted to you, you will be asked to enter or choose an address.

    If you have not yet entered an address, or you want to edit one, or create an extra address to use for us to send rewards to you, you can do this on the Details page of the Your account area.

    If you have already entered an address, then select it from the ones shown.

  3. Confirm your request by clicking on the Confirm button.

    Once you have created your request, you can cancel it providing that we have not started processing it.

What happens once I've made my request

You will get an email confirmation of your request, and should recieve the reward (if it is being posted to you) within the period specified on the details page for the reward. This is typically 30 days.

If you have a problem or question regarding Abpoints, please send an email to abpoints@abcam.com

Claiming Abpoints

Additional Abpoints are available to be claimed by the person who actually uses an antibody bought from Abcam (in selected countries only*)

In order to claim these Abpoints:
- you must be logged in
- you will need to have your claim code. It is shown at the top of each datasheet sent with the product.

How to claim Abpoints:

  • Go to the Claim page within the Loyalty section of the site:
    - you can browse to http://www.abcam.com/abpoints/claim, or
    - browse to the Your Account section of the site, and navigate to the Claim Abpoints section
  • Step 1: Enter the claim code so we can validate it.

    If the claim code is valid (and has not been claimed already), then the order/product to which the claim code relates will be shown.
  • Step 2: Claim the Abpoints by clicking on the 'Claim your Abpoints' button.

    The Abpoints will be added to your account and will be instantly available to spend.

How to find out your balance

Once you've logged in, the number of Abpoints you have available to exchange is shown in the 'Your account' box on the left of every page. You can also navigate to the Your summary page where you can see your balance (points you have earned and spent).

The Your summary page will show you which rewards you have enough Abpoints for. For a full list of rewards, look at the Available Rewards page

Reward delivery times

These vary depending on the reward and your location. See the Available Rewards page for details.

* Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy

Abpoints terms and conditions

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