Synaptic Plasticity in Pain

One day symposium, April 27th 2007 at KCL, London. Organized by Marzia Malcangio and Sophie Pezet.

                    Abcam is pleased to support "Synaptic Plasticity in Pain 2007", to be held on 27th April  2007 at King's College London. This meeting is organised by Marzia Malcangio and Sophie Pezet. An exciting opportunity to hear talks from leaders in this field. Abstracts are now welcome for the poster session. A KCL meeting sponsored by Abcam in association with the London Pain Consortium and Merck.

** Registrations accepted until Monday April 23rd for the Synaptic Plasticity meeting **


Harris Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building,  King's College London


April 27th 2007


9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. including lunch & evening wine reception


Marzia Malcangio and Sophie Pezet (KCL) 


Abstracts accepted until Monday 2nd April 2007 (submit on registration)

** Registrations accepted until Monday April 23rd for the Synaptic Plasticity meeting **


9:00-9:30  Arrival and coffee             
9:30-9:45  Introduction: Marzia Malcangio and Patrick Doherty
  • Plasticity of spinal cord circuits and fast synaptic transmission                         
9:45-10:15  Andrew Todd "Anatomy of the spinal cord  pain circuits"
10:15-10:45  Sue Fleetwood-Walker "NMDA and AMPA receptors in spinal cord"
10:45-11:15 Jurgen Sandkuhler "Long term potentiation in the spinal cord "
11:15-11:30 Break
  • Modulators of neuronal plasticity: cannabinoids, opioids, ATP                                                        
11:30-12:00 Clifford Woolf "An overview on spinal cord plasticity in pain"
12:00-12.30 Steve McGaraughty "Central actions of P2X receptor ligands"
12:30-13:00 Philip Malan "Cannabinoids and opioids in pain"
1300-14.00  Lunch and posters
  • Modulators of neuronal plasticity: the immune system
14.00-14.30  Erin Milligan "Cytokines, glia and pain"
14.30-15.00  Catherine Abbadie  "Chemokines and pain"
15.00-15.30  Nathalie Vergnolle "Proteases and PARs receptors in pain"
15.30-15.45  Break
  • Modulators of neuronal plasticity: trophic factors and kinases                     Simon Beggs "Neuropathic pain and changes in chloride flux"
16.15-16.45   Ru-Rong Ji  "Cell signalling in chronic pain"
16.45-17.15   Sophie Pezet "Trophic factors and kinases"
17.15  Concluding remarks: Marzia Malcangio
17.30  Reception

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