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A robust dsDNA dye which can be used to stain both live and fixed cells, DRAQ5™ can be simply integrated into existing protocols and procedures.

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Apoptosis and cell viability kits

Easily detect and quantify with our range of apoptosis and cell viability kits

Antibody conjugation and protein quantitation kits

Antibody conjugation kits

Antibody conjugation kits allow for a quick and easy process to conjugate an antibody of your choice, in whatever function you need. It has the advantage of being a one-step antibody labeling method with no separation steps

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Flow cytometry protein quantitation kits

Combining the power of single cell analysis obtained with flow cytometry and the specificity of antibody-based immunostaining to quantify protein levels.

Product Name abID
Fatty acid Oxidation Human Flow Cytometry Kit ab118183
GSK3 beta Total + pSer9 Flow Assay Kit ab131381
HIF1a + PDK1 Hypoxia Flow Kit ab126700
HIF1a + GLUT1 Hypoxia Flow Kit ab126584
HIF1a + BNIP3 Hypoxia Flow Cytometry Kit ab126585
AKT total + Phospho S473 Flow Kit ab126580

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