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Mitochondrial antibodies

The highest quality monoclonal antibodies for metabolism for use in western blotting, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation and Blue Native-Page.

Enzyme Activity Assay

Activity assays

Capture-based enzyme activity assays in both dipstick and microplate formats. Requiring minimal samples and use highly validated monoclonal antibodies.

Metabolism Proteins

Proteins for metabolism

An optimal range of PDH Kinases and Phosphatases for inactivating and activating pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDH). Also, Frataxin for use as a reference standard with microplate and dipstick assays.

Sandwich ELISA

Sandwich ELISA

Quantitative assays for measuring the expression of key metabolic enzymes in both dipstick and microplate formats.



In-Cell ELISA Kits provide accurate, reproducible assay technology and a high-throughput, quantitative alternative to western blotting.

Cell fractionation kits and lysates

Cell fractionation kits and lysates

Optimized cell fractionation and mitochondrial isolation kits for the enrichment of proteins from mitochondrial, cytoplasmic and nuclear compartments.


Cellular assays

Detection and labeling assays to measure mitochondrial membrane potential, ROS and cell viability.


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We take a thorough approach to ensuring our antibodies for Sandwich ELISA, In-cell ELISA and Enzyme activity ELISA react only with the target enzyme.

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