EpiSeeker Sample Preparation Guide

Get the right input for the perfect output

EpiSeeker Sample Preparation kits are the first step to your successful experiment.

More often than not, your starting material is the key to a good result: if you have a good sample to analyze, you know your experiment is likely to succeed.

So why risk your experiment using sub-optimal techniques to obtain your sample? Our new range of sample preparation kits has been optimized to be used with our EpiSeeker range of Epigenetic kits, making sure you start your analysis with the optimal preparation.


Which product to use?

It can be difficult sometimes to know which product is more suitable for your experiment.

The table below gives a summary of the characteristics of the kits available for sample preparation and for which application is most suitable.


 EpiSeeker Nuclear Extraction kitEpiSeeker Nuclear (NA-free) Extraction KitEpiSeeker Whole Cell Extraction KitEpiSeeker Histone Extraction kitEpiSeeker Chromatin Extraction Kit
AbID ab113474 ab113477 ab113475 ab113476 ab117152

Enzyme assay activity

Protein detection

Protein detection


Enzyme activity assay

Protein detection

Histone detection


Chromatin IP

in vitro DNA-protein binding assays

nuclear enzyme assays

Sample input cells / tissue cells / tissue cells cells / tissue cells / tissue
Sample amount*

cells: 2-5 million / 80%-90% confluent     

tissue: variable

cells: 2-5 million / 80%-90% confluent

tissue: variable

cells: 2-5 million / 80%-90% confluent

cells: 2-5 million / 80%-90% confluent

tissue: 10 mg

cells: 0.1-10 million

tissue: 50 - 200 mg

Processing time  ≤ 60 min  ≤ 60 min  ≤ 45 min  ≤ 60 min  ≤ 60 min
Sample yield 5µg prot /10mg tissue - 1 million cells 5µg prot /10mg tissue - 1 million cells 10µg prot /10mg tissue - 1 million cells 0.4µg prot /100mg tissue - 10 million cells 4µg prot /50mg tissue - 10 million cells
Extracted sample Nuclear protein Nucleic acid-free nuclear protein Whole cell protein Histone protein Chromatin (DNA & bound protein)
Active enzyme? Yes No Yes No Yes

* Amount of sample necessary will vary depending on the type of cells or tissue. Please refer to specific product protocol for detailed information.


Which samples to use?

The EpiSeeker Sample Preparation kits can be used for extractions in a broad range of samples, such as:

  • cultured cells (suspension or adherent)
  • fresh or frozen tissue
  • whole blood
  • urine
  • buccal cells / swabs
  • other fluids (semen)


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