Optiblot | Western blot reagents, accessories & ECL kits

Optiblot western blot reagents are designed to save you time and ensure you can consistently produce superior results.

Optiblot product range:

  1. Electrophoresis gels - fixed concentration and gradient gels
  2. Buffers and accessories - including sample prepration kits, transfer buffers, membranes and Bradford reagents
  3. Gel stain - rapid staining of gels in less than 15 mins
  4. ECL kits - for high sensitivity chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent detection
  5. Electrophoresis and western blot kits - convenient kits SDS-PAGE and fluorescent western blotting

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1. Electrophoresis gels

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Optiblot electrophoresis gels are convenient for use in the lab and produced using a method that provides improved performance over conventional gels. Features and benefits include:

  • Consistent results – one year shelf life and reduced batch to batch variability
  • Durable – up to 10x stronger than conventional lab prepared or commercially available gels
  • Simplified loading – easy to visualise wells with dyed stacking gel
  • Easy to use – no comb to remove no broken or bent teeth, cassettes are easy to open
  • Improved running buffers – offers optimized running conditions to traditionally used Tris-glycine Laemmli buffers (protein migration not affected by hydrolysis of gel)
  • Robust wells - preventing cross contamination of samples
  • Available in cassette sizes of 10x10cm or 8x10cm - compatible with common gel tanks and apparatus
  • 10 gels provided per pack – currently available in a 12 well format

2. Buffers and accessories

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Optiblot accessories include reagents for sample preparation, electrophoresis and membrane transfer.

Sample Preparation:

  • Sample preparation kit (ab133414)
  • 10 minute protocol - for fast and efficient sample concentration and removal of buffer components that may interfere with electrophoresis (GuHCl, urea, Ammonium sulphate etc).

  • DTT Reducer (ab119199)
  • Add during sample preparation in order to perform reducing SDS-PAGE.

  • Bradford Reagent (ab119216)
  • Simple and rapid Coomassie based method for protein quantitation. Can tolerate up to 1% detergent, UV absorbing chemicals and reducing reagents present in a protein sample.

  • BCA Protein Quantification Kit (ab102536)
  • Rapid, copper salt based biochemical assay for protein quantitation. Can tolerate detergent up to 5%.


    Optiblot buffers are specifically designed for use with Optiblot gels to provide optimal running and transfer conditions.

  • Reducing Buffer (ab119195)
  • Reducing Tris-MOPS buffer similar to conventional MES buffer systems: optimal separation of low molecular weight proteins.

  • SDS Run buffer (ab119197)
  • Non-reducing Tris-Tricine buffer similar to a conventional MOPS buffer: increased separation of higher molecular weight proteins.

  • Antioxidant (ab119200)
  • Recommended when running reduced samples. Prevents oxidation of the sample and the resulting loss in resolution.

  • Gel Drying Solution (ab119201)
  • To dry Optiblot precast gels for long term storage.

  • Pre-stained Marker (ab119210)
  • Specially formulated for use with Optiblot Precast Gels and Buffers (Range of 7.6 – 195 kDa, with 28 and 71 kDa standards conjugated to an orange dye).

  • Prism Protein Ladders
  • Broad size range, ready to use multicolor protein ladders for easy protein identification.


  • Optiblot TGS blot stock buffer (ab119198)
  • Designed for efficient transfer of proteins from Optiblot precast gels.

  • Luminol membrane pen (ab166858)
  • Highlight your pre-stained molecular weight markers after blotting for colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection, improve accuracy and simplify locating your protein bands.

  • Transfer membranes
  • For convenient blotting, choose from a range of quality controlled nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes:

Product name Abcam ID Membrane size
Low Fluorescence Western Membrane (PVDF) ab133411 9x7 cm (10 sheets)
Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane - 0.45 µm ab133412 8x10 cm (10 sheets)
Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane - 0.22 µm ab133413 8x10 cm (10 sheets)

3. Gel stain

Optiblot Blue (ab119211)

A ready to use protein gel stain - offering sensitive, rapid and safe staining of protein bands in a single step. With Optiblot Blue bands are visible within 15 minutes, with no need to wash, microwave or destain.

4. ECL kits

  • Optiblot ECL Detect Kit (ab133406)
  • Stronger signal than other chemiluminescent substrates, load less sample, detect low pg amounts of protein and use up to ten-times less antibody.

  • Optiblot ECL Max Detect Kit (ab133408)
  • Quantitative blotting with even higher sensitivity (detect attomoles of protein) and low background. Compatible with chemiluminescent and chemifluorescentdetection.

  • Optiblot ECL Ultra Detect Kit (ab133409)
  • The most sensitive quantitative detection, detect low abundance proteins with low background. Compatible with chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent detection.

5. Electrophoresis and western blot kits

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Optiblot Electrophoresis kits include gels and all the reagents required to rapidly and conveniently perform protein electrophoresis or blotting.

  • Reducing Electrophoresis kits (to separate denatured proteins)
  • Kits include: 10x Optiblot Gels, 500ml Optiblot Reducing SDS Run Buffer (20X) (ab119195), 10ml Optiblot LDS Sample Buffer (4X) (ab119196) and 1ml Optiblot DTT Reducer (10X) (ab119197).

  • Non-Reducing Electrophoresis kits (to separate native proteins)
  • Kits include: 10x Optiblot Gels, 500ml Optiblot Reducing SDS Run Buffer (20X) (ab119195) and 10ml Optiblot LDS Sample Buffer (4X) (ab119196).

  • Optiblot Fluorescent Western Blot Kit (ab133410)
  • All the reagents needed for non-IR fluorescent detection of two proteins on the same blot. High sensitivity and a rapid protocol (3.5 hours). Compatible with imaging systems that detect Cy3 and Cy5 dyes.

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