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Metabolism research is an emerging and diverse field, encompassing areas such as mitochondrial metabolism and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, neurodegeneration and metabolic disorders.


Advance your metabolism research further using our wealth of resources, ranging from pathway cards, posters, application guides and technical  summaries.

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Metabolism pathway cards

Metabolism posters

Techincal guides

Metabolism application guides


 Other useful resources for metabolism research:

Diabetes and Mitochondria

Metabolic disorders: Frataxin

An overview of the biology and metabolism of gliomas

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Metabolism and Cancer

Cell aging and metabolism

Myocardial fatty acid oxidation

The link between obesity, inflammation and diabetes

Hypoxia and tumor-mediated immunosuppresion

p53 signaling pathway and post-translational modification

Mitochondrial dynamics, mitophagy and autophagy

Calcium signaling in cardiac mitochondria

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