Sourcing our products

Find out more about our antibodies and reagents

We strive to offer our customers the best antibodies in the world regardless of their source. This means we make our own antibodies and source other excellent antibodies from institutes, academic laboratories, primary manufacturers and other suppliers. Find out how we achieve this through:

Conferences and collaborators

Target selection by the Abcam team

Abcam's team of PhD graduates attend conferences covering a wide range of topics to stay at the cutting edge of research. Our network of expert advisors and collaborators also help us to identify and bring you the most exciting reagents.

Licensing and customer suggestions
If you have excellent antibodies, we would be delighted to market and distribute these for you through Ablicensing. Contact our licensing team today.

We greatly value your suggestions for new antibodies. Our unique Product suggestion system allows you to register your interest in a specific target so that we can help you find it or tell you when we make it. We use this data to prioritize our antibody production projects.

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