Question (27862) | Anti-Integrin beta 5 antibody (ab15459)

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I wish to do immunofluorescence on paraffin-embedded human tissue sections using anti-integrin beta 5 and saw this ab was used on paraffin-embedded mouse tissue sections for immunofluorescence. Do you know whether there are references using this ab for immunofluorescence on human tissue and/or can you guarantee the I can do immunolabeling for fluorescence imaging on paraffin-embedded human tissue sections as well?


Thank you for contacting us. We would guarantee this antibody to work in both human and mouse tissue sections.  If you had any difficulty in IHC-P with these two species, we would be able to replace or refund the products for you within 6 months of your purchase in accordance with our Abpromise. We do not know of any references publishing with this antibody in human IHC-P tissue, but we do have a positive control staining image on the datasheet using human small intestine: I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.  

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