Question (65588) | Anti-Interferon beta antibody (Biotin) (ab84258)

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I got this Discount Code from you a couple months ago or so. And so I
submitted an AbReview trying to follow all the instructions, so I can get
myself a free primary antibody as mentioned below. Well so today I
thought I would order my free antibody, and I went and read all the
instructions below again, and I think I did something wrong. Now today I
notice it says I was supposed to type that Discount Code into some kind of
"Additional Comments" box when I submitted that Abreview. And I strongly
suspect I probably overlooked that and I bet I didn't ever actually type
that code into any box at all. So, is there some way I can still get my
Free Primary Antibody?


Thank you for contacting Abcam.
I have gone ahead and added the discount code in the additional notes section of the Abreview you submitted. You can now go ahead to use the discount code to receive your free antibody.
If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

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