Question (74391) | Kainic acid, prototypic kainate receptor agonist (ab120100)

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Is this antibody kainic acid monohydrate?


The water content varies between batches but the batch molecular formula appears on the vial label and also in the CoA for the batch.
Some batches are the monohydrate (CoA will state H20), some are anhydrous (CoA would not mention H20) and some are in between (CoA will state a fraction of water e.g. 0.75H20).
The three batches that we have in stock (APN11387-6-3, APN13056-1-1 and APN13058-1-1) vary in their formulation.
APN11387-6-3 – in between
APN13056-1-1 – monohydrate
APN13058-1-1 – anhydrous

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