Question (68898) | Anti-KIF5B antibody (ab25715)

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I am emailing you regarding your anti-Kinesin antibody (catalog number ab25715). The product description of this antibody describes it as a pan-Kinesin antibody (an antibody that binds all kinesins). I was hoping to clarify that this is in fact, accurate.
Additionally, I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a small aliquot of this antibody (a few µl) for a western blot experiment to test the activity of this antibody. If the antibody seems to work as it is intended, I would be interested in purchasing stocks of the antibody for my experiments.


The immunogen was FKHC3 stalk coiled-coiled domain (aa331-906) of human neuronal kinesin heavy chain. This pAb detects total level of endogeneous kinesin protein. However, we have not and we do not know of any study that has examined its reactivity with all Kinesin isoforms separately. With respect to the immunogen, species reactivity and fact that it is a polyclonal antibody, it is likely the antibody would recognize total kinesin protein, not a particular isoform.

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