Accurately quantify PD-L1 with high sensitivity in 90 minutes

Get rapid results using our Human PD-L1 ELISA kit [28-8]​​

We have combined our highly specific anti-PD-L1 RabMAb® rabbit monoclonal antibody [clone 28-8] (ab205921) with our 90-minute SimpleStep ELISA® protocol to create a Human PD-L1 ELISA kit [28-8] (ab214565) that has almost twice the sensitivity than the leading competitor. 

Confidently use our RabMAb® antibody [clone 28-8] to specifically detect PD-L1 on your tissue samples and quantify PD-L1 expression levels with the convenience of a fully validated ELISA kit.

The Human PD-L1 SimpleStep ELISA kit [28-8] offers several benefits:

  • Specific

The anti-PD-L1 RabMAb antibody [28-8] (ab205921), used as a detector antibody, was validated on knockout cell lines to ensure target specificity and no cross-reactivity with PD-L2.

  • Fast and easy

The SimpleStep ELISA protocol provides easy sample and antibody preparation, and delivers results in 90 minutes.

  • Sensitive

​​Measure as low as 17.8 pg of Human PD-L1 with a sensitivity of 2.91 pg/mL.

Table 1. Human PD-L1 SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab214565) [clone 28-8] is almost twice a sensitive than the leading competitor, and delivers results in just 90 minutes.

Assay time
Abcam Human PD-L1 SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab214565)17.8–1,1002.9190
Leading competitor human PD-L1 ELISA kit25–1,6004.52270

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