Better antibodies power better assay kits

​​Powered by our antibodies to give you less of what you don't want and more of what you do.

You already know about our antibodies, but did you know we use those same antibodies in our assay kits? We take the best bits of running your assay with individual components and cut out those bits you'd rather do without: needless complexity and lengthy setups. And we never compromise on performance. With our assay kits, there's less haste, more speed, so you can get the results you need, faster. Because better antibodies power better kits. Here are some of our superstars.

A true, no-wash, high throughput multiplex immunoassay.
384-well plate, 20-min scan time, detect 10 targets per well from 6.25µL of sample.

SimpleStep ELISA®
A sensitive, rapid, ELISA, validated in biological samples that never compromises on performance.
​96-well plate, 1 wash, 2 steps, 90-minute run time.

CatchPoint® SimpleStep ELISA®
All the benefits of SimpleStep ELISA with a fluorometric read out. Extended dynamic range at both the lower and upper ends.

IHC kits and reagents
The IHC essentials for when you already have an antibody.
Retrieve, block, stain, and counterstain - the complete IHC package.

ChIP kits
Chromatin immunoprecipitation without the overnight wait.
​Low background results in just 5 hours.​

Can't find the assay kit you're looking for? This is just a small selection from our wide range. Head to our homepage and use the search function to find the kit that's right for you.

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