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Pick your perfect cytokine immunoassay panel

Assemble a custom immunoassay panel to quantify all of your cytokines in a single well: get more data with less sample.

Pick your perfect panel from over 1015 possible panel combinations

When you need to quantify a specific set of cytokines, the choices for selecting a multiplex panel are often inflexible or inconvenient.

Our multiplex immunoassays use our unique FirePlex® particle technology to enable fully customizable panels for cytokine analysis. Because you can select exactly which analytes are in your panel, all of your analytes are analyzed in one well rather than your sample being split across multiplex wells and two or more panels.

Send us your samples and take advantage of fully flexible panels through our cytokine profiling services, or run the assay and analysis in your lab.

Designed and tested with multiplexing in mind

As well as using the unique properties of FirePlex® particles to support fully flexible multiplex panels, we also carefully test all of our cytokine assays for multiplex assay interference and assay compatibility. This means that almost all of our assays can be assembled into multiplex panels freely and without restriction.

Firefly multiplex immunoassay 35-plex culture supernatant

Human 35-plex immunoassay. Human PBMC (+/- PHA) cell culture supernatant was measured at two dilutions (1:4 and 1:10) in duplicate.  The concentrations of each cytokine were interpolated from standard curves and corrected for sample dilution (mean +/- SD, n=2).

Review our human and mouse analyte and panel lists to see what panels you can build.

NB the FirePlex technology was previously known as the Firefly multiplex immunoassay technology.

Fireplex® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.

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