CatchPoint SimpleStep ELISA kits for faster results

Get ELISA results in just 90 minutes

Protocols used in conventional ELISAs require significant hands-on time. The typical protocol involves several incubations and washing steps that can easily amount to 4 or 5 hours of your time.

Our SimpleStep ELISA® technology simplifies the ELISA protocol to a single step and one wash, drastically reducing assay time to 90 minutes. This innovative technology uses an immunoaffinity tag precoated on the bottom of the microplate allowing the formation of the antibody-analyte sandwich complex in solution in a single step.

In addition to their fast and easy protocol, CatchPoint® SimpleStep ELISA® kits use a fluorescent substrate (Stoplight Red) that offers a broader dynamic range with increased upper and lower limits of detection.

This application note shows the improved performance of CathPoint SimpleStep ELISA kits on Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax® and FilterMax™ readers.

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