Chromatin immunoprecipitation kits

​​Our chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) kits allow you to perform ChIP experiments in 5 hours by using a novel binding technology that eliminates the standard overnight antibody-bead binding step.

Wells are coated with a unique chimeric protein that contains multiple IgG binding domains. This protein efficiently binds the ChIP capture antibody, which in turn binds to chromatin complexes containing the target protein.

Select the right ChIP kit for you using the table below. If you prefer your own ChIP protocol, we recommend using our Chromatin Extraction Kit which is optimized to help you start with the highest quality chromatin.

Product nameWhen to useMinimum sample input/reactionSteps coveredProtocol timeProduct code
High Sensitivity ChIP KitWhen you have low input amount2 x 103 cells
0.5 mg tissue
From chromatin extraction to recovery of DNA5 hoursab185913
ChIP Kit - One StepWhen you have chromatin ready5 µg chromatinFrom chromatin shearing to recovery of DNA5 hoursab117138
ChIP Kit Magnetic - One StepWhen you have chromatin ready and access to a magnetic rack5 µg chromatinFrom chromatin shearing to recovery of DNA5 hoursab156907
ChIP Kit - PlantsWhen you have plant tissue samples20 mg tissueFrom chromatin extraction to recovery of DNA6 hoursab117137
ChIP-Seq High SensitivityWhen you want to prepare a NGS library direct from your cells5 x 105 cellsFrom chromatin extraction to preparation of NGS library7 hoursab185908

Alternatively, use our most popular ChIP kit ab500 for standard overnight incubation ChIP.

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