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Elevate the quality of your mouse ELISA data

Rabbit monoclonal antibody pairs provide low background with mouse samples.

ELISA kits to mouse targets are often less reproducible, specific, and sensitive compared to other species, due to the use of either batch-specific polyclonal antibodies or mouse monoclonal antibodies.

Our ELISA kits are different: unlike our competitors, we use only rabbit monoclonal antibodies in our antibody pairs to mouse targets to reduce non-specific signal due to native mouse Ig, resulting in less cross-reactivity in mouse or rat.

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Superior sensitivity compared with non-monoclonal antibodies

Mouse IL-1a SimpleStep® ELISA kit (ab199076) made with a pair of rabbit monoclonal antibodies (ab210893) shows superior performance in sensitivity and assay precision over a standard ELISA kit made with non-rabbit monoclonal antibodies.

ProductRange (pg/mL)Sensitivity (pg/mL)Intra-assay precisionInter-assay precision

Mouse IL-1a SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab199076)

Mouse IL-1a ELISA kit (ab113344)12.23–30001010%10%

Try our mouse IL-1a SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab199076) or develop your own ELISA  with mouse IL-1a matched antibody pair kit (ab210893).

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