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All our ELISA kits are ready to use and we offer different formats: quantitative, semi-quantitative, indirect or competitive.

Our range include over 500 SimpleStep ELISA® kits for sensitive and consistent results in just 90 minutes.

Simplestep ELISA® kits use an original one incubation – one wash protocol, shortening the assay time to 90 minutes without any compromise on the assay performance. Made with recombinant rabbit monoclonal detection and capture antibodies, SimpleStep ELISA® kits offer excellent sensitivity and result consistency from one lot to another. All our SimpleStep ELISA kits follow the same standardised protocol for ease of use.

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Our ELISA kits are fully validated to guarantee reliable results in various sample types:

Product name (abID)Human VEGF ELISA kit (ab222510)
Sample typeSaliva, Milk, Urine, Serum, Cell culture extracts, Heparin plasma, EDTA plasma, Citrate plasma
Sensitivity2.7 pg/ml
Dynamic range12.5 pg/ml – 800 pg/ml
Assay time1h 30min
ReactivityReacts with: Mouse, Rat, Dog, Human. Does not react with: Cow
Intra-assay precision5.4%
Inter-assay precision5.5%
Average recovery96%

Figure 1. The VEGF standard curve was prepared as described in Section 10 of the protocol booklet. Raw data values are shown in the table. Background-subtracted data values (mean +/- SD) are graphed.

Figure 2. The concentrations of VEGF were measured in duplicates, interpolated from the VEGF standard curves and corrected for sample dilution. Undiluted samples are as follows: serum 50%, plasma (citrate) 50%, plasma (heparin) 50% and plasma (EDTA) 50%. The interpolated dilution factor corrected values are plotted (mean +/- SD, n=2). The mean VEGF concentration was determined tobe 268.9 pg/mL in neat serum, 123.9 pg/mL in neat plasma (citrate), 133.8 pg/mL in neat plasma (heparin), and 95.76 pg/mL in neat plasma (EDTA).

Figure 3. Human PBMC (seeded at 10x106/mL) were cultured for 2 or 5 days in the presence or absence of 1.5% PHA-M. The concentrations of VEGF were measured in three different dilutions of the supernatant samples in duplicates and interpolated from the VEGF standard curve. The interpolated values are plotted (mean +/- SD, n=3). The mean VEGF concentration was determined to be 34.76 pg/mL in 2 Day PHA-M stimulated PBMC cell culture supernatant, 393.7 pg/mL in 5 Day PHA-M stimulated PBMC cell culture supernatant, and undetectable in unstimulated PBMC cell culture supernatant at both 2 and 5 days (not shown).

We also offer a range of validated paired monoclonal recombinant capture and detection antibodies complete with a calibrated protein standard allowing you to create your own sensitive ELISA assay.

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