Focus panels for the Multiplex miRNA Circulating Assay

Our focus panels have been designed to
make it easier and quicker for you to profile miRNAs in a range of common diseases and health areas.

​Each panel contains 68 miRNAs that have been chosen based on expression in different health states taken from studies in peer-reviewed journals. Included in the panel are internal controls to validate assay performance and miRNAs that can be used for normalization between samples with the provided software.

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Liver toxOverviewab204065

Don't forget your Multiplex miRNA Core Reagent Kit

In combination with a focus panel, you will need one of our specialized base kits:

> Mulitplex miRNA Core Reagent Kit - Circulating Crude (ab203184) – ideal if you are starting from crude biofluid (plasma, serum, urine) or exosomes​

> Multiplex miRNA Core Reagent Kit - Circulating purified RNA (ab203485) – ideal if your starting material is purified RNA

Find out more about the different types of assay. 

Easy to use

The simple workflow means that the assay is run on standard equipment found in many labs and is readout on a flow cytometer. Find out more.

Download our assay workflow for our:

Circulating (purified RNA)

Circulating (crude biofluid)

Not the miRNAs you are interested in? Find out about our custom multiplex miRNA panels or contact us.

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