High-throughput screening: ELISA-based solutions

Accelerate your high-throughput screening (HTS) and drug discovery workflow using our ELISA-based tools and reagents for your assay development.

HTS: how we can help

Getting the most out of your HTS and drug discovery requires optimal assay development to generate the largest volume of data in the shortest possible time. Our HTS tools and reagents are specially developed to ensure that you get rapid, reproducible, and reliable results with every screening run you carry out. All our assay kits and reagents are flexible; they can be used on multiple platforms and adapted to automatable systems and liquid handlers.

Find out more about our ELISA-based HTS product range including 384-well SimpleStep ELISA, MAPs, and carrier-free antibodies and antibody pairs. 

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SimpleStep ELISA

Our SimpleStep ELISA kits cover a range of over 900 targets from different research areas including immuno-oncology. SimpleStep ELISA kits are sandwich ELISA assays developed to be as simple and effective as possible. The single-wash protocol designed for our SimpleStep ELISA kits allows you to generate data in just 90 minutes and each kit contains high-quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies for improved sensitivity and consistent results.

Our SimpleStep ELISA kits are adaptable in a 384-well plate format and can be used with automated liquid handling systems. These plates help scale up your research and provide a flexible solution that can be used on many standard plate readers. The 384-well plate SimpleStep ELISA uses the same quick and simple one-wash protocol as our standard SimpleStep ELISA kits but requires less of your sample to run each plate.

​Key benefits of SimpleStep ELISA for HTS:

  • Standardized 90-minute protocol across all kits
  • Semi-homogenous: only one wash
  • Consistency of results with low inter and intra variability
  • Automatable and adaptable in 384 wells format

Learn more about SimpleStep ELISA kits here

Find more technical information about our 384-well SimpleStep ELISA Microplate here

Antibody pairs

Matched antibody pair kits (MAPs)

Our MAP kits include a titrated capture and biotinylated detector antibody pair and a calibrated protein standard. The MAPs are ideal for tailoring your ELISA assays to your own plate systems; they can be used in 96 or 384-well formats to scale up your HTS. Our MAPs are extremely flexible; they can be used with many different platforms and run using standard plate readers.

Find out more about our matched antibody pair kits here

Carrier-free antibodies and antibody pairs

To give you the flexibility you need, we've reformulated over 7,000 of our antibodies in a carrier-free format. This means they are BSA, azide, and glycerol-free making them ideal for customization, antibody labeling, and functional assays. We also have over 700 antibody pairs available in a carrier-free format giving you the flexibility you need to adapt your pair to your HTS assay of choice. This gives you immediate access to a huge variety of pairs in a completely customizable format. The range of carrier-free pairs on our catalog is also growing every year to give you access to the target you need.

Find out more about carrier-free antibodies and antibody pairs here

Key benefits of our antibody pairs for HTS:

  • ​  Large choice of target
  • ​  Consistency of results and security of supply with recombinant
  •   Flexibility: can be used in other types of HTS immunoassays (eg TR-FRET)

More than ELISA

You are also not limited to ELISA assays; MAP kits and carrier-free pairs can be used in other assays adapted to high-throughput scale such as fluorescent proximity assays (TR-FRET: Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer).   Each pair also contains monoclonal antibodies made using recombinant technology, designed to give you the same antibody every time. This guarantees you batch-to-batch consistency between each of your screening runs.

Try multiplex immunoassays

If ELISA-based HTS solutions are not what you are looking for, we also offer high-performance multiplex immunoassays. These assays are ideal for HTS and available for over 800 targets.

Find out more about FirePlex-HTS, our answer to high-throughput multiplex immunoassays, right here.

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