Improved ELISA sensitivity without interference

Get sensitive quantification with one-step SimpleStep ELISA® kits

SimpleStep ELISA kit uses a semi-homogeneous protocol where sample and antibodies are added in one step. The use of a semi-homogeneous format improves sensitivity when compared to sequential sandwich ELISA format.

The antibody sandwich is rapidly formed in solution before binding to the plate, meaning that only one hour incubation of the sample and the antibodies is required. For example, CXCL16 SimpleStep ELISA kit has an increased sensitivity compared to a conventional 3-step ELISA kit using a heterogeneous protocol (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Standard comparison between Human CXCL16 SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab187397)​ and a conventional ELISA kit.

Similarly, increased sensitivity was seen for Enolase 1 (ENO1) (Figure 2).​

Figure 2: Standard curve comparison between Human ENO1 SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab181417) and a standard sequential ELISA kit.

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