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Simple cytokine profiling with FirePlex® immunoassays

See how Diana Yanez at UCL has used uniquely flexible and convenient FirePlex immunoassays to save time and sample when profiling cytokines to <1 pg/mL

Quantifying cytokines can be overwhelming

Diana Yanez, in Professor Tessa Crompton’s lab in UCL, needed to profile Th2 cytokines when studying T cell regulation in allergic diseases. But quantifying key cytokines with ELISA would require nine plates, up to nine days and 1 mL of each sample. This would delay a publication and use all of her available sample.

To save her time and sample, Diana turned to FirePlex® particle multiplex assays.

Diana Yanez Quote

Multiplex assays generate more data for less effort

In less than a day’s work, Diana generated all her results. She used just 12.5 µL of sample to quantify nine cytokines per well.

With the high assay sensitivity, she analyzed cytokines to <1 pg/mL.

Firefly assays enable convenient, flexible and high performance multiplexing

Like Diana, with FirePlex assays you can use half the sample required with other multiplex assays, and get full support from Abcam to set up the assay.

You can use a convenient flow cytometer, instead of waiting for a dedicated instrument, and use the unique flexibility of FirePlex assays to assemble your perfect panel and multiplex all your analytes in the same well.

Get your pre-designed or custom panel

Human analytes  |  Mouse analytes

Mouse cytokine multiplexing

Figure. Diana’s results with mouse broncheoalveolar lavage (A) and lung homogenates (B). Unpaired t test, *p<0.05; ***p<0.0001. Error bars are SEM. ND, not detectable. (n=3-6).

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