Learn more about our multiplex miRNA assays

​​Learn more about the science behind our multiplex miRNA assays and discover which one is right for you.

​​The assay most appropriate for your research depends on the nature your samples. Find out more about our Cellular assays and specific research area panels below:

Multiplex Circulating miRNA panel
Liver tox

The assay most appropriate for your research depends on the nature of the samples you wish to test. Find out whether the Cellular or Circulating assay is best for you.

In this technical note, we demonstrate that our miRNA assays provide miRNA profiles that correlate well with currently available technology and show excellent reproducibility.​​

Learn how our innovative Firefly particle technology provides multiplexing ability and allows assay readout on a standard flow cytometer.​

Our FAQ answers 20 of your most common questions for both the Circulating and Cellular Multiplex miRNA assays, with sections on controls and samples.

Read the latest publications that use Firefly technology and papers from the creators of the technology.

Free download. Carry out complex analysis without the need for advanced informatics skills.

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