Matched antibody pair kits for ELISA

Create your own ELISA with high-performing antibody pairs.

Our antibody pairs come in 2 formats:

  • Antibody pair kits: include a titrated capture and biotinylated detector antibody pair and a calibrated protein standard. Available in two sizes, with enough reagents for either 2 or 10 x 96-well plates using a standard sandwich ELISA. 
  • Carrier-free antibody pairs (BSA, glycerol and Azide free): include a capture and detector antibody pair, suitable for ELISA-based assays. Available as 10 x 96-wells plate. 

Learn more about the advantages of carrier-free antibodies and antibody pairs here

Antibody pair kits and reagents deliver consistent, specific, and sensitive results.

Batch-to-batch consistency: only recombinant monoclonal antibodies are used in our antibody pairs.

Specificity: antibody pairs are screened in plasma and serum to ensure specificity in complex samples.

Sensitivity: benchmarked against commercially available antibody pairs to ensure equivalent or superior performance compared with the competition.

FlexibilityOur carrier-free pairs offer even more flexibility in terms of conjugation and assay set-up.

Figure 1. The  human IL-1Ra matched antibody pair kit (ab210888) is 10-fold more sensitive than a rabbit polyclonal antibody pair when measuring human IL-1Ra standard protein using a sandwich ELISA.

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