Multicolor enzymatic IHC

Advanced multicolor enzymatic IHC kits.

Designed for optimal staining of two or three antigens on human or animal tissue sections, our multicolor IHC detection kits offer you the following:

  • Reduced background
    • when staining tissue containing endogenous biotin (eg kidney, liver and spleen) using an HRP and AP polymer based system
  • Optimized protocol
    • for simplified set up and development of multicolor experiments
  • Better signal to noise ratio
    • for clear visualization of staining and morphology
  • Flexible color combinations
    • based on red,  green, purple, brown and black
  • Use of rodent antibodies on rodent tissue
    • protocols for blocking endogenous mouse IgG or rat IgG
  • May be combined with histology special stains where compatible

Why enzymatic staining?

Although multicolor IHC using immunofluorescence is a well-established technique for visualizing multiple antigens it presents several challenges including:

  • Quenching of fluorescent signal at excitation
  • Fading of the fluorescence signal during slide storage
  • Occurrence of autofluorescence due to formaldehyde fixation
  • Restricted combinations with special stains to identify tissue structures or microorganisms

For staining two markers: View DoubleStain multicolor IHC kits

For staining three markers: View TripleStain multicolor IHC kits

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