Multiplex and ELISA kits

Rely on the antibody experts for the best immunoassay kits.

Central to the specificity and reliability of an immunoassay kit are the antibodies it uses to detect your target protein of interest. We provide some of the best and most widely-used antibodies in research and it's these same high-performing antibodies that go into our kits.

Whether you need multiplex capabilities, a simple and rapid solution, or flexible and scalable options, there’s a kit to help. And they’re really good.

– Multiplex: FirePlex® immunoassays
– Simplicity: SimpleStep ELISA® kits
– Flexibility: Matched antibody pair kits

Multiplex: FirePlex® immunoassays

FirePlex immunoassays feature fully customizable multiplex panels that allow you to analyze up to 75 analytes per well using 12.5 µL of sample. The assays use our unique porous FirePlex particles and high-performance recombinant monoclonal antibody pairs to provide up to a 5-log dynamic range and 0.5 pg/mL assay sensitivity. FirePlex assays are validated with sample types like plasma, serum, and urine, and can be either run on your own flow cytometer or samples can be sent for analysis in our service lab.

FirePlex immunoassays have a much lower overall limit of detection than Luminex . FirePlex cytokine assay sensitivity for 44 human and 50 mouse cytokines was benchmarked against the sensitivity stated on the assay datasheet for standard sensitivity Luminex assays from the four leading suppliers assays from the four leading suppliers.

FirePlex immunoassays give you a greater range of analytes than competitors. Comparison of the number of cytokine analytes available for FirePlex Immunoassays vs competitors (A and B = bead-based assays for flow cytometers, C = proprietary multiplex array). For FirePlex immunoassays, red bars indicate currently available analytes and pink bars indicate additional analytes available in April 2017 for human cytokines and July 2017 for mouse cytokines.

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Simplicity: SimpleStep ELISA®

SimpleStep ELISA kits are sandwich ELISA assays that we have developed to be as simple and effective as possible. Unlike traditional sandwich ELISAs, which take more than three hours to run, SimpleStep ELISA kits generate data in just 90 minutes, without compromising on performance. The kits achieve this by using highly-validated and specific antibodies in a homogeneous format wherein the antibody-analyte sandwich complex is formed in solution in a single step. In just one incubation and wash step, the complete sandwich complex forms in the well and is anchored to the plate with an immunoaffinity tag.

SimpleStep ELISAs give your improved sensitivity. Compared with a leading competitor’s ELISA kit SimpleStep ELISA was more sensitive on average across 75 popular protein targets.

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Flexibility: Matched antibody pair kits

Matched antibody pair kits and reagents use only recombinant monoclonal antibodies for reliable and consistent results when scaling up your experiment or changing to a new ELISA-based assay. Matched antibody pair kits provide a titrated antibody pair composed of an unlabeled capture antibody and a biotinylated detector antibody as well as a calibrated protein standard for quantification.

Matched antibody pair kits let you detect analytes at lower concentration ranges. The working range of our human matched antibody pair kits (red bars) compared to those of a leading competitor (gray bars).

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