Firefly multiplex immunoassay and miRNA multiplex assay

Multiplex miRNA and cytokine assays with FirePlex® particles


Use just 12.5 µL of crude biofluid to measure up to 75 cytokines or 20 µL for 68 miRNAs with our multiplex assays.

Multiplex miRNA assays and cytokine multiplex immunoassays both use our FirePlex particles as an assay platform.

Flexible multiplexing for both miRNA and cytokines

The unique properties of FirePlex particles enable you to measure exactly the analytes you need with excellent performance across a breadth of sample sources. For miRNA profiling, panels can include any combination of miRNAs from mirBase, while for cytokines, they can be built from our rapidly growing list of immunoassays. We also offer pre-designed focus panels that contain analytes known to be relevant in specific research areas.

Use less sample to get data for two analyte types

The volume of your precious samples may be limited, but your experiment should not be. Our multiplex miRNA and cytokine assays can be used directly with small volumes of crude biofluids, such as serum and plasma. With only 12.5 µL for cytokines or 20 µL for miRNA, our assays allow you to measure both miRNAs and cytokines without compromising performance.

Rapid services for when you’re short on time

When you need full support in your project, send your samples to our Boston, MA service center for processing. We have tested over 10,000 customer samples with our multiplex assays with an average turnaround time of only 15 business days.

Multiplex assays for standard laboratory instruments

For in-house testing, assays based on FirePlex particles can be read out using a standard flow cytometer. This gives you the convenience of running the assay in your own lab without the need for dedicated instrumentation.

See which flow cytometers you can use and find out how FirePlex particles work with your flow cytometer.

Free software for full, automated analysis

With every multiplex assay, we provide intuitive software for data analysis, visualization, and export. Features include standard curve analysis for interpolation of analyte concentration as well as publication-ready heat maps and charts. Results are obtained with just a few clicks of the mouse.

FirePlex® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.

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