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Quickly and easily profile the miRNAs with our focus panels, developed for the specific disease areas most relevant to you. Each panel has a set of 68 probes against the most relevant miRNAs, all selected from multiple peer-reviewed studies showing them to be differentially regulated under different disease states.

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Multiplex Circulating miRNA panel
Liver tox

Design a custom panel to tailor a miRNA panel specifically to your experimental needs. A custom panel is ideal for when there is no focus panel available that is suited to your experiment, or if you want to detect fewer than 68 miRNAs.

Interested in profiling miRNAs but don't have access to a flow cytometer or time to run the assay? Send us your samples and our expert service lab will perform the analysis and send you a detailed report containing publication quality images. Over 10,000 samples run.

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